There are many things to do and remember in order to ensure your tattoo experience goes as smoothly as possible can when you’re getting a tattoo. 

Numbing Products

Numbing products can be used if you so choose, though I would prefer you not use any. I have one product and only one product that I recommend: Hush Numbing Cream. It is most effective if applied generously 45-60min before the tattooing begins but use as directed on the packaging. I would recommend applying Hush and securing the area with cellophane wrap before leaving your residence for the appointment. That will give the gel ample time to work effectively.

What you can and should do in preparation for a tattoo session:

1.  Get hydrated. Drink at least one (1) to two (2) liters of water a day. When you’re hydrated, your skin is hydrated and will be able to maintain better healing and withstand more intense sessions.

2.  Lotion the area to be tattooed every day, or twice daily. Again, the healthier your skin, the better the results. Please do not lotion the area day of the tattoo or the night before.

3.  Shave & Exfoliate the area 1-3 times weekly. If you’re super hairy, this will really, really make a big difference. It’s hard for the lotion to get in there well if you’re Chewbacca. If you experience razor burn, stop shaving a week prior to your appointment. Exfoliation should be gentle with a loofah or basic body scrub.

4.  Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Please don’t party too hard. Getting tattooed hung-over is not fun for you or me.

5.  Please EAT BEFORE your session. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen pass out just because they were too nervous to eat before. This is a massive workout for your body and IT NEEDS FUEL for a big session. When you are hungry, pain management is much more difficult.

6.  Bring drinks, snacks, and lunch. You probably won’t have enough time during our short breaks to leave, get food, come back and eat it, so bring it with you! I have a microwave and a fridge at the studio for your convenience. It’s also a good idea to bring small snacks for when we take breaks.

7.  If you happen to break a bone or sustain any other major injuries prior to your appointment, please contact me ASAP.

What you SHOULD NOT DO before a tattoo session:

1.  No tanning, fake tanning, chemical peels, sunburns, major cuts, or scrapes, in the area to be tattooed within a month prior to your session. I can’t work on freshly damaged skin…it won’t heal properly.

2.  No weight lifting in or near the area to be tattooed at least 2 days prior to your session to prevent unnecessary swelling & soreness.

3.   Avoid any heavy alcohol consumption the night before your tattoo. Even if it’s not enough to make you hungover, it could still thin your blood the next day.

On The Day

1.  My space is cozy, small, and quaint it is not well suited for additional guests. Please come alone to your appointment as I cannot comfortably accommodate multiple people in my tattoo procedure area. If you must bring someone with you, they will have to wait in the main reception area during the tattoo.

2.  For safety reasons, please do not bring children or babies.

3.  Dress comfortably and appropriately. Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting ink, blood, or plasma on. Be prepared for it to be cold & warm. Also, bring socks or flip-flops to prevent walking around the studio barefoot during breaks if you will be taking your shoes off during your session.

4.  You are also invited to bring your own pillow or blanket for laying or sitting on during your session.

5.  Bring some form of entertainment for yourself like an iPod, Ipad, Laptop, portable DVD player, etc. with your own headphones or earbuds. 

6.  Please do not schedule something immediately after your tattoo…in case we are running long.

7.  Please do not use any numbing products on the area to be tattooed unless previously discussed & agreed upon and please do not come in under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. For pain, Advil and Tylenol are acceptable during your session.  Benadryl may also be taken 30 minutes prior to the beginning of sessions to minimize swelling.

While You Are Getting Tattooed

1.  Please be aware of cross-contamination. Do not touch your fresh tattoo during your session. Do not let anyone else touch your tattoo either!

2.  Do not touch any of the tattoo equipment or workspace.

3.  Talking is fine during your session, but please do not talk with your hands, nod your head, or excessively move other body parts as this can cause the area being tattooed to move as well.

4.  Be mindful and do not touch any other possibly contaminated areas.

5. Also I accept cash and Venmo, we also have multiple ATMs within walking distance if you don’t mind paying a fee. 

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