Booking Policy


There are many questions on how to book a consultation or tattoo appointment with me so I’ve got a little “blurb” here of what to do and what to expect!

Booking A Consultation

I do consultations every day at 11am except Thursdays and Fridays, I require a consultation before all new tattoo projects so that we can take photos of the area we are going to be tattooing and discuss your overall vision for the tattoo. I recommend getting some photos together before the consultation so we can look over them together the process usually takes between 15 minutes and 45 minutes. 

  At the consultation we will also look at dates for your tattoo appointment. A deposit is paid at the consultation appointment when a date and time for your tattoo is set. PLEASE READ DEPOSIT POLICY BEFORE PUTTING A DEPOSIT DOWN. Its very important that you are aware of the conditions before our consultation.

I have it set up so that you can book your own consultation for a day that is most convenient for you through my website.

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