After the tattoo procedure your tattoo will be cleaned and covered with Saniderm. It is a clear, waterproof, breathable, hypoallergenic, medical grade wrap. The bandage is to be worn for 5 days. Here is what to be expected during healing.

  What you can and should expect: 

When the wrap is first applied you will be able to see your tattoo clearly for a couple of hours or maybe even for the rest of the day, the wrap is designed to keep all of the blood, plasma and ink that is leaked from the tattoo inside the bandage so the tattoo can stay moisturized in your bodies own natural secretion and also stay clean and protected from the elements. DO NOT BE ALARMED when you wake up the next day and the wrap is full of a dark brownish liquid. Its gross, I know but also completely normal. 

Remove the bandage immediately if any portion of the tattoo becomes exposed. Usually Saniderm sticks to the skin very well but sometimes depending on placement or if your skin is more oily the bandage may come off in places, DO NOT TRY AND TAPE THE BANDAGE BACK DOWN once any bit of the tattoo is exposed it is very important to remove the bandage and to clean the area throughly and apply lotion. You do not want to let any bacteria form under your bandage from outside exposure. Its important to try and keep the bandage on for the full 5 days otherwise.

Removing Saniderm:

When removing Saniderm, I suggest getting in the shower and gently washing over the bandage with a loofah and antimicrobial soap (Dial, Soft-soap and Meyers are all great products to choose from) until a corner starts to come up and gently work it off from there. Take your time, it sticks real good. Do not rip it off like a bandaid, by ripping the bandage off you may pull off scabs and set your healing process back by potentially weeks. After removing the Saniderm apply an unscented (or naturally scented, alcohol free) lotion enriched with Vitamin E oil to your tattoo 2 to 3 times a day for best results. Lubriderm, Cetaphil, Palmer’s Cocoa butter and St. Ives are all wonderful choices.

This healing method is very new and may seem intimidating at first because it is so different from the glade wrap and A&D we all grew to know and love but I promise after one time healing a tattoo with Saniderm and you will never want to heal a tattoo any other way and I am always here if you have any questions!